The Archery tag

Choose your best allies and take part in the battle! The Archery tag or touch is a 100% secure practice and you will come out unscathed! Ideal activity for a bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday, team building activity or simply to have a good time with friends and colleagues!


From a perfect marriage between billiards and football. The BILLARDFOOT is played on a table 7 meters long with footballs numbered in the same colors as the 16 billiard balls. Even if one uses the feet, the goal of the game remains the same as billiards. Watch out for the black ball!


Miniaturized, dynamic and super entertaining! The BOTTINOIRE makes hockey accessible to all. This game is played on your knees or standing with a mini hockey stick. In a team of three players, the principles of hockey are simplified and the goal is to have fun.


Forget what you think you know about Table Football. Our team has developed a giant cage version of this popular game. You are the pawns! And in an original way peculiar to us. Accessible to all and for all ages, the FOOSCAGE is perfect to have fun as a team.


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